Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saginaw Brick

One of my Facebook friends was talking about Saginaw brick the other day and that reminded me that we have Saginaw bricks in the landscaping at our farmhouse. My friend Frank Johnson was telling, on Facebook, about how he hauled one brick in a suitcase all the way out to San Diego where the brick is now a precious accent in a flower bed at his home.

Our Saginaw bricks came from the time that Pigeon High School was torn down. Davey Vollmer bought up all of those bricks and we bought some from him to use in front of the steps at the farmhouse. My husband Ed thinks that Pigeon High School was built in the early 1920's and that his grandfather Ed Geiger was one of the early graduates.

I don't know how long Saginaw bricks were made, but it is apparent that they are pretty treasured and still present in the lives of those of us who share a heritage in mid-Michigan's Saginaw area.

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  1. Peace & joy, Wanda... the Saginaw Brick is an awesome reminder of my birthplace... here a bit of history to go with your article:

    *U* Kathleen