Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Instead of Perfect

I have walked past this lovely prickly pear, filled with spring blossoms, for several days and contemplated what would make the very best photograph. Finally, after some contemplation, I decided on one of the first images that I took.

"The perfect is the enemy of the good," says a common aphorism, sometimes attributed to Voltaire. This striving for perfection often means that a moment never comes; an opportunity is missed because it is not one hundred percent of expectation.

So, in today's blog, you see a flowering plant that is not the best of what the prickly pear has to offer. Some blooms are in bud stage; others are over the hill and drying; still others are not quite to peak.

But in the spirit of the good, we see the totality of the flowering. What will be (the bud) is coupled with what has been (the wilted flower).

In the glorious red and green of a spring cactus lies the reminder to reject the perfect -- the extreme -- and accept what is good, even in a photograph.

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