Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wrapped Up in Brackets

I told myself that I could take a pass on watching too much basketball this March. After all, in early February it looked like the MSU Spartans, my team to follow, would not be in the big dance.

But the Spartans began a run that brought them to the Big Ten Tournament as a team that could begin to shine again. That's what they did.

So I hauled out the big watercolor pad and got out my bracket sheets from the last two years. This year I ruled the big sheet of paper, 11" by 15", using pencil and a see thru quilt ruler. Then I took a micron pen and inked in the teams and their win-loss records. I erased the guidelines so that I now have spaces for additional information like television channels, coaches' names, interesting stats, locations of games, etc.

The everything-on-one-big-sheet-of-paper approach works for me. It allows an over all look at the tournament that is comprehensive and yet detailed.

This year I'm going to color code the sheet, too. I'm not sure how. Maybe the winning teams will be shaded with a watercolor wash. Hmmm, maybe I'll use Michigan State green, since today was the day that President Obama picked Michigan State to win the tournament.

Yep, for a few days, I'll be wrapped up in brackets.

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