Monday, March 24, 2014

Plug Me In

My Chevy Volt will roll 52,000 miles sometime in the next few days. I'm still in love with this great car, if indeed one can say that one is "in love" with a machine like a plug in electric vehicle (PEV).

Last Friday I was in Rochester Hills and parked at the charging station in The Villages at Rochester Hills. There are two spaces for electric vehicles to park but the cords on the charging station are really long and can easily reach a third space.

I parked, plugged in and went about my errands. When I returned to my Volt, there was a note in the door of my car. "Please plug me in. . ," it said.

So, for the first time, I got to figure out how to plug in a Nissan Leaf.

One of the things I love about driving an electric vehicle is the camaraderie that develops among owners. Those of us who drive PEVs have stories to tell of miles per gallon, miles per charge, kilowatts used, carbon avoided.

I look forward to a day in the very near future when three PEVs lined up in front of one charging station will be a rarity because we will all be using some form of alternative, non gasoline powered vehicles and "plug me in" will be what we do when we park our cars.

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