Thursday, March 20, 2014

Signs of Spring

The turkey vultures have returned. Today is the first day of spring and the vultures were riding the thermals along the bluff, out over Lake Huron. The day was quite windy. I first spotted crows riding the thermals, soaring and dipping as they flew south to north.

When I looked at the photos that I took up close, I realized that the soaring birds had been joined by a raft of turkey vultures. The birds would come from the south to the north and then disappear for ten or fifteen minutes. Then they would show up again. They probably flew inland over the fields, headed down the shoreline, and then caught a thermal up lake again.

The sunrise was very delicate looking, almost like a pastel composition. You can see the ice floes breaking up way out on the lake. That dark blue line on the horizon is open water.

By midday the winds pulled the ice elsewhere and open water advanced toward the shoreline. The blob in the right side of this photo is White Rock. The shoal is getting watery and slushy. Soon rivulets will form, like streams across the mushy ice. Spring is coming!

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