Thursday, March 27, 2014

All Sales Final

Huron County is saying good bye to the Bad Axe Kmart store this week. I shopped yesterday for the last time. I found some backpacks for my granddaughters and several other goodies. But the store will be closed very soon.

When I moved to Huron County in 1972 there wasn't even a McDonald's restaurant in the county. We drove to Bay City for Big Macs and french fries. The Kmart store opening was a very big deal. I remember meeting lots of people whom we knew when we visited the store for the first time.

The store was always a great place to shop. People were friendly and helpful. The floors were shining and the shelves were well stocked. I've always liked their housewares line and often bought school supplies and techie type stuff at Kmart.

I'm gonna miss ya, Kmart! You were a good thing for Huron County!

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