Friday, March 21, 2014

Geranium Color Play

Geraniums are a big favorite of mine. Several plants have been blossoming since February and here is one of them. It becomes the subject for some color play with a setting on a different camera that I am learning to operate. So, you see the geranium, up close and personal, and in the colors that the camera normally sees.

Now we'll switch the setting to a color select function and dial in the red/pink saturation.

The camera, a Nikon 1 J3, makes the decision of what colors to maintain and which colors to convert to black and white. Notice how much of the red/pink the camera found in the wood beams behind the plant.

Next I selected for green and the camera found the leaves, in all their velvety glory. Notice, too, the "ghost" that just happened to find its way into the photo. The ghost (something that appears in photography that was not intended) looks like it was watching the MSU Spartans defeat the Delaware Blue Hens in the second round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament yesterday.

Funny, how that "Go Green! Go White!" pops up in so many places during March Madness!

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