Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Snow & Ice Along Lake Huron

While the reports of ice covering on the Great Lakes this year have indicated as high as 85% coverage, it is the pictures that tell the story. Here's the view from along the eastern shore of Michigan, looking northeast out across White Rock Shoal today. The gray green patches on the shoal are ice that is melting over shallow water. The dark line way in the distance is open water.

In contrast, here is almost the same view in a photo taken on March 22, 2012, two years ago almost to the day. Not a speck of ice is in view.

As I write this blog post, a snow squall has moved in from the lake. The wind is howling, kind of whining sort of sound. Big flakes are swirling. I can't see the edge of the shoal, let alone the horizon line of Lake Huron.

Morning temperatures have been well below freezing and some of the municipalities are still urging residents keep one water tap running in order to avoid any further freezing of town water lines.

It has been an icy cold winter in this part of Michigan.

March 12, 2012 "Warm Winter, Early Spring"

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