Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Canyon Cows

Grass fed beef. That's what we are looking at here. Driving through Box Canyon on Forest Route 62 south of Tucson this week, we came across cattle grazing on the hillsides. Busy bovines all, these critters were contentedly turning grass that we humans cannot eat into protein that we can eat.

There were no sacks of grain or feeder troughs in sight, although these cattle might be rounded up and "finished" with a month or two of grain. Surely these range grasses are not permeated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Just sunshine and grass and water -- that's what these Arizona cattle are consuming.

Now, there is a lot that could be said about the great amount of water and grass that a cow consumes. Then we could talk about methane emissions from the latter end of the animals. For now, put that aside and consider the simplicity of grazing animals on grasslands. Properly done, the raising of canyon cows results in some mighty fine burgers and steaks, locally made and no doubt locally consumed.

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