Friday, March 28, 2014

Watercolor Brackets

I'm funny about how I follow the NCAA basketball tournament. For three years now I have been making out a brackets sheet, not to pick a winner of each game, but to follow the course of the tourney. The first and second year sheets are in pencil. Year One (2012) is haphazard. Year Two shows more detail with scores and rankings and even the names of some of the coaches.

This year's bracket sheet was started with pencil which was then overlaid with black ink. (I use a Pigma Micron 02.) Carefully laid out on watercolor paper, the brackets sheet has a background of green glimmer mist spray. The green honors MSU, since I am a MSU fan and the Spartans are a green and white team.

Oval circle highlights Payne's Gray and Viridian Green, colors chosen for WJ's brackets

Each team that wins is highlighted in gray. Actually, I am using Payne's Gray, a paint color name that watercolor aficionados will recognize. I chose this color in honor of Adreian Payne, Michigan State's senior player who is an integral part of the MSU team. (But my favorite player is Travis Trice, for whom I could not find a color name.)

Michigan State is highlighted in Viridian green. That green streak should continue to the center of the brackets sheet and be the dominant color for the Final Four.

Go Green!

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  1. Well, the green streak ended on Saturday as Michigan State lost to UConn. It was a disappointing moment for MSU fans and for those who were hoping for a Big Ten Final Four.

    Michigan lost a squeaker, too, later that same day. So now Wisconsin is the only Big Ten team in the Final Four. It is sort of like the nursery rhyme -- "The cheese stands alone."