Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wicked in London

We did our first London walkabout on Wednesday and realized that we could go see a stage show in the evening. Our hotel room was ready for us when we got here so we could take a shower and a teeny nap. We had planned to hear Joshua Bell and Jeremy Denk (violin and piano) at the Barbican, a concert that would have meant a taxi ride or travel on the Underground.

In the afternoon we dropped by the box office of the Apollo Victoria Theatre on Wilton Road and bought tickets for the evening performance of the musical "Wicked." Both "Billy Eliot" and "Wicked" are very close to the Grosvenor Hotel which is the first hotel that our tour group is booked into.

Double decker buses queue outside Victoria Station

So, last night we moseyed down the lift (that's the elevator), through Victoria Station (busy in the early evening), across Wilton Road and into the Apollo Victoria we went for a delightful evening of musical theatre.

One interesting happening from last night -- I waited 12 minutes in line to use the ladies' room. Just like at International Quilt Festival in Houston there were long lines of gals outside the restrooms. I don't think I've ever waited that long at a Michigan State football game, but, then, there are only 60, 000 people and lots of restrooms at Spartan Stadium.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler


  1. How much fun is Wicked?!? It's coming to Wharton Center (at MSU) the end of June. Sounds like a wonder start to a great trip. ENJOY!

    1. Watching the staging was incredible. The witches fly, but you can't see the rigging. And the music was unstoppable. Yep, we are enjoying the trip!