Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bristol Album

The organ console (center) and part of the organ at
St. Mary Redcliffe in Bristol, UK
I probably should be tired of pipe organs by now, but today's instruments in Bristol were a wonderful blend of the old and new. St. Mary Redcliff was the absolute highlight of the day with classic architecture and a great English Harrison and Harrison organ that many of the tour members played.

Oops! How did that guy get in here?
Daniel Moult, Ed Eichler and Michael Barone discuss the fine
points of the trumpets on the Christ Church, Clifton pipe organ
The organ at Christ Church, Clifton brought on a discussion about where the trumpet ranks are installed, how loud they can or should be and how they are made. This organ was brilliant in sound and we heard repertoire that leaned toward jazz and gospel played here.

Detail -- Stained glass window -- Clifton Cathedral
Clifton Cathedral's stained glass windows were spectacular, as was the 1973 Rieger organ at the Cathedral. The organist's shoulders and back are clearly visible as the organ is in a raised loft, so you see the movement of the artist as well as hear their music.

It was a full day of music that ended with an evening concert of Schuman, Sebelius, and Beethoven by the Berlin Symphony at Colston Hall in city center Bristol. Wow, another incredible day.

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