Sunday, May 27, 2012

CD Stack

I'm mising my daily dose of pipe organ. After the thirteen days of hearing organ music in Great Britain, I'm having to resort to the Bose radio and the stack of compact disks that we accumulated as we participated in the Pipedreams 2012 Tour.

Last night we listened to a John Ireland composition from a Bath Abbey recording with Peter King as the organist. It's pretty cool to picture the visit to Bath Abbey and hear the organ again, even if what I'm hearing is a recording.

My goal is one organ piece per day when I'm at the lake house. I plan to listen at a calm time of the day, usually morning or evening, I'm thinking.

There are eight CDs to work through, so that should give me a summer's worth of pipe organ music to savor.

Michael Barone's PipeDreams radio program is broadcast on Monday nights of lots of public radio stations or you can stream Pipedreams from the website.

One last comment. Yes, that is dust on the table next to the stack of CDs. Music is taking preference to housekeeping this week.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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