Thursday, May 17, 2012

Details, Details

I haven't said much yet about the skilled woodworking and metalwork that come together when a pipe organ is made. Here's the Aubertin organ that is in the chapel at St. John's College, Oxford. Aubertin is a French company.

There is crown molding on all the cases that hold the pipes. Several collections of ornaments with a celestial theme (sun, moon, stars) adorn the tops of the cases. There are two "lightning rod" type ornaments. I counted ten orbs. topped by a star or something else.

Even the pipes have a touch of ornamentation. The front pipe has a twisted accent, almost like a Dairy Queen twistee cone, with a cluster of beads at the top and a single descending bead at the bottom. The detailed craftsmanship on this pipe organ is just outstanding.

Since we're focusing on details, here is a half square triangle pattern in a marble floor, found at the cathedral in Bristol. Those are my shoes, black and white Uggs that are proving to be pretty warm here in the cool and sometimes rainy late spring in Great Britain.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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