Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Iris

I have been keeping the kitchen window open all day so that I can smell the iris in the upper gardens. Two varieties -- purple/white and whites -- are in full bloom and their summer sweet smell drifts into the kitchen at the slightest breeze.

Yesterday was the start of the catch up weeding. After being gone for two weeks, the weeds have a bit of a start in the garden beds. Rainfall in mid-May has been slight. Only 0.3 inches since May 9th, so the ground is quite dry.

List of plants in this photo (most have been in place 3-4 years):

--Iris, from Plant Farm, Bad Axe.
--Variegated hosta, from Dad and Mom's farm, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
--Chives, from Ed's Grandma Clara's garden, Pigeon.
--Blue salvia, from Loewe's, Fort Gratiot. (I buy plants everywhere, even from big box places.)
--Russian sage, from Huron's Finest, north of Bad Axe.
--Low juniper, from Esch Landscaping, north of Pigeon.
--A few weeds, ever present, soon to be pulled.

--Not a plant, but a part of the architecture of the gardens at Cedar Bluff, Bay Port quarry stone, with some bird spots.
--Last, but not least, the field stone edging. We are using field stones to define the edge between the river stones and the soil. Eventually there will be mulch on the soil.

Copyright 2012
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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