Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

Some days you just have to look up. Yes, it is still winter. Yes, we up north people are wearing heavy coats and toting about heavy hearts after a long siege of winter.

But some days you just have to look up at the blue of the sky and the tracing of the trees against the clouds.

There. There it is. A rooftop pointing to the sky, leading the vision and the soul to higher things.

Out there, in the beyond, is a world where people are not judged by color or persuasion or gender or orientation. Young and old walk side by side. Where you come from is not as important as where you are going.

It's a world where Detroit will rise again. Where Arizona will throw back the indignity of separation. Where Uganda and Russia will change their minds about their gay and lesbian children.

Out there, up there, in the beyond of another day and another year, things are better for everyone. Better food to eat, better health care, better schools. There will be better ways of doing what we have always done and need to keep on doing.

I can't identify why I believe this way. I just know that today, for me and for those around me, it is my hope and prayer that things are looking up.

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