Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowbanks Along M-25

The snowbanks are getting pretty high along M-25, the route that circles Michigan's Thumb. Here's a corner just north of Forestville, Michigan where the snow has been shoved back with front end loaders. The road signs are "up to their elbows" in snow, as you can tell from the stop sign with its feet in a big snowbank.

The little post office at Forestville, Zipcode 48434, Michigan has piles of snow pushed back so that postal customers can get into the building and to their boxes. I keep a post office box at this location, one of the smallest post offices in the state of Michigan, just four miles south of our lake house. This post office went to part time hours after the first of the year.

While it might seem like an extravagance to keep an outpost office like this open, Forestville is the only post office along the shoreline between Harbor Beach and Port Sanilac, a distance of 29 miles. It serves a strong summer trade, but slows down in the winter months.

This winter's snow will make the record books. January came and went without a January thaw. Next week's forecast includes some days with highs in the 30's, so maybe there will be a February thaw.

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