Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blowing Snow

Driving south on Parisville Road late Tuesday afternoon, I pulled over to take some photos of the blowing snow. The winds from the west picked up the top layer of snow, causing visibility to drop. On the main east west state highway, M-142, there were short whiteouts, almost like driving into a thick fog, yet you could see blue sky above.

Once I turned south on Parisville Rd the westerly nature of the wind was apparent as the snow blew in misty bands across fields and roads. Overhead patches of clear sky contrasted with clouds that reflected the pink and lavender of the setting sun. Typical weather conditions for late winter, with daytime temperatures in the teens, by the next morning the thermometer had dropped to zero again.

Digital cameras have a tough time picking up particulates like dust and mist and fog, any weather condition that is ethereal, yet this image kind of gives the impression of buildings floating on the soft cold mist of the blowing snow.

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