Friday, February 14, 2014

Almost Buried Fence

After Valentine's Day each year I get to thinking about putting the holiday dishes away. The bright red dishes cheer up the sameness of the winter scene. Plus, red fits the February holiday -- red hearts, red dishes -- and so the dishes stay in the cupboard where we can use them every day.

Likewise for the red bows on the split rail fence that lines the driveway. Those bows stay in place too. This year, with the snow piling up from storm after storm, the red bows are in danger of disappearing into the drifts along the fence. With one or two more storms, the fence and the bows on the posts, will be covered.

I pulled into the driveway last Tuesday in the evening. It was almost dark and I didn't hit the curve quite right and got hung up in the banks along the drive. A little "now back, now forward" dislodged my Chevy Volt, and I zipped around the curve, along the fence, and up into the garage.

Maybe I'll let the red holiday dishes in place for a few more weeks. We might need some cheering up as we navigate the driveway and watch that almost buried fence disappear.

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