Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Demise of the Christmas Tree

Our poor Christmas tree stood neglected and without water for over a month. The branches drooped and dried out. The bead strands slipped and slopped.

So today, finally, we took the tree down. There were seven strings of lights, dozens of red glass balls, eight bead strands, and a lot of individual ornaments on the tree.

The needles on a fir stay somewhat soft, even when dried out. This tree was so dry that the tips of the branches flipped off as we removed the beads and lights.

Ed has a nifty way of taking the tree out of the house. He cuts the lower third of the branches off, opens a window, and pulls the tree through the opening and out onto the terrace beyond. Then he carries it out to the woods where it will shelter the bunnies and birds for the rest of the winter.

Putting the tree up and decorating it takes us at least a day. Taking it down can be accomplished in two hours and around our house, this day is known as the demise of the Christmas tree day.

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