Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilt In Progress

On May 2, 2010 the New York Times Lens blog did a project called "Moment in Time" where they asked people all around the world to take a photo at 11 am Eastern Time and submit it to their website. I had a quilt on the design wall in my studio and that's what I photographed that day.

The caption read as follows: "Sunday morning at our lake house and I'm in my quilting studio assembling a quilt for my granddaughter, Hannah Lee, age 8 months, using blocks made by her Great Grandmother, Pauline Eichler, age 82, who has Parkinson's and still loves to sew."

The topic that I submitted the photo under was "Family" and I am proud to say that this photo was published by the New York Times, along with myriads of other Moment in Time snapshots, in the days that followed.

Hannah was featured in a later blog post, along with the completed quilt. What is really cool about this quilt is that it uses secondary colors from the color wheel -- orange, green, and purple. Those are tough colors to work into traditional patchwork, but in this quilt, they work and they work well.

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