Saturday, November 2, 2013

Go State!

If I had my head on my shoulders I could find the MSU band hat that I'm wearing in this 1994 photo. I still have that hat, even though it is a tad bit worn out!

Today is Michigan Day when all of Michigan (well, a lot of Michigan) directs attention toward whichever stadium is hosting the big game. The University of Michigan will travel from Ann Arbor to East Lansing today to take on the Spartans of Michigan State University at 3:30 pm at Spartan Stadium.

It's always a big, big deal for those of us who are fans of both teams. We'll be in our usual seats, just around the corner from the south end zone, cheering for the Spartans and following the SMB, Spartan Marching Band, from their practice field to Spartan Stadium.

Here's hoping for good weather and a Spartan victory. (Sorry, John and Don.)

Go State!

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