Thursday, November 7, 2013

Forgotten Morning

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful the Lake Huron shoreline can be. Here's an image of an October morning in 2010, October 23 to be exact, that was one of those marble mornings with little wind. The horizon was an inky etching that outlined the start of the day. The sun's golden rays spilled out above the dark clouds onto the glassy surface of the water, almost as if the sun could not be contained.

The metadata on this file shows an image taken with my old Olympus. The original image size, 517 kilobytes, betrays my old photography mode of less megapixels and less intentionality. Photoshop was my new friend way back then and I definitely did not have the darkroom skills to manipulate images like I now possess.

Still, this forgotten morning shines. In Michigan we've come to call these images Pure Michigan, after the very successful Pure Michigan advertising campaign that promotes Michigan on billboards and in print and broadcast media. On Twitter they become #PureMichigan.

A marbled morning. A sunrise with a tinge of gold. I'll take that any day.

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