Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snow Mower Man

Thanksgiving is late this year but the winter winds came early. Ed and I thought there might be chance to get in one more mowing of the lawns at Cedar Bluff. So Ed brought the big grasshopper mower over from the farm on Thursday and it rained.

On Friday, there were snow showers and the winds picked up.

On Saturday, it snowed.

But. . .the mower was here and Ed had to try it out. We have this theory that grass that is left too long provides a wonderful winter environment for the voles who love to tunnel through the grass on top of the sod underneath the snowbanks.

Ed made three or four passes on the lawn on Saturday morning and then decided that the blades were icing up. He loaded up the mower and brought back the snow thrower.

"At least the snow thrower has heated handles," he said as he came in the house to warm up and change gloves before we watched Michigan State football.

Tonight the outside temperature is 18 degrees and the windchillls are forecast to be minus two degrees. It will be a good night to stay inside and have some chili for supper. The lawn mower is safely stored at the farm and the snow thrower is ready for duty at the lake. And Michigan State won again. A good Saturday, indeed.

Blog post from five years ago -- moving the mower with Finn.

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