Friday, November 15, 2013

Big 4-0

Hard to believe, isn't it, when one of your kids turns a certain age? Whether that milestone is 1, or 10, or like today's child, the big 4-0, your children always shine in your heart, no matter what.

Today's is Will's fortieth birthday and he is working with the crew of Chicago PD, the next Dick Wolf drama that NBC is premiering on January 8th. Will's job as a steadicam operator and photographer puts him plop in the middle of some fascinating situations.

The situation pictured above is of Will when he was almost two, plopped between his parents during the fall of 1975. I was expecting Liesl in February and Ed, like Will, was working away from Michigan in Tennessee that fall. So this photo was taken, we think, in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, or maybe somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Happy birthday, Will!

Last year's birthday post

Fashion note: Yes, I did knit Will's pullover (knit out of Coats and Clark Clansman yarn) and my poncho. A poncho! Good Lord, remember those! And check out the deep hems on Will's homemade pants. I certainly expected that child to grow! And then those navy and tan saddle shoes on a two year old -- stylish!

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