Monday, November 4, 2013

Apple Tree Doe

Michigan's squirrels and deer are exceptionally fat this fall, thanks to the luscious crop of nuts and apples found along the road sides, in parks and woods, and in the front lawn. A very healthy doe has been showing up on a regular basis in our yard where the apples are strewn on the ground and still hanging in the trees.

There are several apple trees in the naturalized area along the lawns at Cedar Bluff. We don't spray the trees so most years the apples are quite wormy. This year, even with the pock marks on the fruit from the August 1st hailstorm, the apples are exceptional.

I really enjoy walking out to a tree, picking a fresh apple, and eating it. The juice from the white apple flesh just rolls down my cheeks, the apples are so good. So, I suppose that the deer are enjoying apple treats, too.

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