Saturday, May 18, 2013

More From Barcelona

The view of the Barcelona skyline from our hotel room's terrace was, pardon my use of an overused word, awesome. Last night's sky with glints of light from the city proved to be superb. That's Sagrada Familia in the distance behind a domed structure that we never did identify.

Breakfast at Cachitos on Las Ramblas was al fresco and before the first rain of the day hit. I obviously need another cup of coffee, judging from the slack look on my face. My art book is spread out in front of me and my brain is way off somewhere.

Throngs of people crowded the streets in front of the Gaudi designed buildings. I managed to find a good spot to photograph this popular building. Gaudi's inspiration from nature, botany in particular, is apparent in the swirls and curls of the building facade.

We took the high speed train from Barcelona to San Sebastian this afternoon and viewed olive groves from the train through the first half of the trip. At first I thought we were seeing vineyards and then realized from the solid trunks that what we were seeing were olive trees. Lots of them.

We arrived in San Sebastian around 9:30 pm and were greeted at the hotel by several of our Pipedreams friends. How wonderful to have people looking for you and happy to see you. Now, tomorrow, there will be lots of music (we visit four churches) and many conversations. That will be good for my weary soul, a soul that still thinks about my Dad way more often than I ever thought possible.

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