Friday, May 17, 2013

Barcelona, Day Two

Our Friday adventures in Barcelona took us to Barcelona Sants train station where we spent the better part of midday purchasing two one way tickets to San Sebastian for tomorrow. There was a rather loud labor demonstration going on over the noon hour. One guy was making a statement beyond the labor issue as you can tell from his unconventional clothing.

Our free hotel internet service is limited to 100 megabytes at 128 kb/second. I tend to run over, what with doing the blog and all, so I had hauled my Kindle Fire HD to the train station. Ed snapped this photo of me working on an email to little sis, Martha in Memphis, an email that was a day late for her 39th birthday.

Next we tromped on over to La Sagrada Familia, the Antonini Gaudi designed church that is modernist and organic and totally off the clock by conventional standards. Gaudi used curved lines in his work, as you can see by the undulating walls of this part of the structure. Gaudi's work is unfinished, which means that massive cranes and huge cement transfer devices were cranking away at the site of the church.

Eight of twelve spires are completed. Gaudi began his involvement in the church in 1883 and the work continues to this day. Barcelona is blessed with building after building in the modernist style and we shall have to return to the city again in order to take in the wonder of this magical architecture.

The comfort of a street vendor's flowers brought tears to my eyes late in the afternoon. There were several wonderful specimens of hibiscus, a plant that appeared twice in the funeral flowers for my Dad last week. Their huge, showy blossoms reminded me of another day of great sadness and I bit back the tears again as I thought of Dad's last days of struggle and peaceful going and, then, the moments with family and friends as we said good bye to my father. Tearful, good moments, found here in Barcelona.

Apparently the Aveda footprint covers Barcelona as evidenced by this window sign. Just wanted Peter Eichler and his colleagues at Douglas J to take note of another possible location (ahem!).

And, finally, we salute the couple from Norway who shared a lovely dinner time conversation with us at a tapas restaurant on Las Ramblas this evening. Their friendliness was a light in the day, we learned more about another country, and it was so good to chat comfortably with fellow tourists in a town that knows how to be a tourist town extraordinaire.

I commented to Ed sometime today. "Gee, I wonder if Gaudi ever imagined the long lines of people waiting to get in to the church that he imagined." Really, can any of us imagine the impact that we just might have on some place or some one or some time? We live our lives and never think about where the things we love to do and say might surface some day in the future.

Hats off to Gaudi and Barcelona, a city that knows who it is and loves visitors.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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  1. Another good day! This makes me want to visit Barcelona, Wanda. Love the photo of you. You look good!