Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ice Cream Mixture

It's kind of a concoction, I guess, this ice cream mixture that got stirred together in our kitchen this week. I was thinking of my Dad and of how much he enjoyed ice cream. One thing lead to another and this mixture is the result.

Ed fixed the first batch and I did the second. Both were equally enjoyed. Here's what we did.

Take one quart of vanilla ice cream and scoop it into a mixing bowl. We used vanilla bean ice cream. The silver knife in the photo is actually a flat ice cream scoop that is wide on one end and looks like a metal spatula. That's what we used to dip and mix this recipe.

Add about a half cup of crunchy peanut butter. We used St. Laurent's natural peanut butter, salted. Then chop up about an ounce or two of dark chocolate. I had a 72% Godiva bar on hand. Ed snapped it into small chunks by hand and then used a chef's knife to chop the small pieces.

Mix the three ingredients and put into a freezer container. We used a Pyrex glass dish with a plastic cover. Freeze until hard and enjoy.

It's like having your own custom made ice cream flavor. We're thinking M&Ms and peanuts would be good. So would maple syrup and toasted walnuts. Or raspberry freezer jam with dark chocolate.

Well, you get the picture! Mmmmm.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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