Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tree Planting

The Lee's Landscaping tree planting crew was busy in uptown Pigeon today. They replanted several trees that grow as a part of the streetscape. 

Pigeon's landscaping dates from 1992 which is the last time that the sidewalks and street were scooped out and totally replaced. That was the summer that I was working on opening my quilt shop, Pigeon River Mercantile & Wool Co, in the former dime store building on the west side of Main Street.

For much of that summer there was no street and no sidewalk as crews worked from wall to wall, replacing lighting systems, cement, and asphalt. The work began in July after Farmers' Festival and was completed by mid autumn. 

The Mercantile opened on Election Day on November of 1992 with new streets, new sidewalks, and a new quilt themed inventory in the refreshed old building. 

Some of the trees planted that year have not thrived, so it was good today to see the replacement trees being planted. 

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