Monday, November 17, 2014


Scumble. That's a new word for me. It describes a form of pen and ink technique where scribble-type lines are used as filler to denote light, medium, and dark spaces in a drawing.

I quickly did an art journal page over the weekend with the various fillers for my Pen and Ink With Watercolor class. Session 2 meets this week and I'm getting the homework done for the class.  

Scumble or scribblle lines come easy for me and don't take very much time. I like the pointillistic effect of the stippling too, but it is a time consuming technique. Homework equals practice, and practice is what challenges me as I move along in learning more about art. 

My next task is to draw the examples on heavyweight Bristol paper using much more exact strokes. That will be tonight's challenge, and the completion of homework, finally.

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