Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day Squash

Since I voted absentee before today, I could take Election Day as a quiet time. I've been knitting and listening to classical music on MSU's WKAR, I cued up an interview of Carlos Santana that I missed on NPR earlier today, and I baked a big garden squash, one of the improved blue hubbards, for lunch. 

The squash, almost seven pounds, presented a splitting quandry. My largest chef's knife barely split the surface. After a few whacks, I stuck the knife soundly into the cucurbit (you can look that word up), raised the knife, and, using two hands, with the squash impaled on the blade, slammed the whole thing on the countertop. (I want all of my Dem friends to know, too, that I did not think bad thoughts about Kentucky senators as I smashed the squash. I was a good person. And I was hungry for squash.)

The squash split with surety. Seeds scooped out, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash seasoning, the flesh roasted in a 350 degree oven in less than an hour.

That was lunch, two bowls of yummy mashed squashy goodness, with light butter and fresh cracked pepper. The rest of the massive veggie is frozen, ready for a soup or bisque recipe later this fall. 

I marked the freezer cartons "Election Day Squash" and know that it will be a delight to pull those boxes out of the freezer to make soup some fine day this winter.

And, yes, I saved some of the seeds. 

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