Monday, November 24, 2014

Hummingbird Bonanza

The hummingbirds are at their iridescent best in the long, low rays of the winter desert sun. This little bird, sitting on the dead tip of an aloe plant, glows with lime green wonder.

The small Nikon camera that I use allows me to set the camera for five frames per second and that is what makes closeup shots of the tiny birds possible. Even the feather patterns are discernible in a close in shot.

Taken with afternoon, in natural back lighting, this bird is seen from behind with slightly ruffled feathers. This view shows the overlapping intricacy of the feathers, almost miniature works of art.

The first photo was taken outside of the hummingbird aviary at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, while the last two photos were shot inside the aviary. The birds were swiping at the humans' heads and chirping and swooping, to the delight of the many children who were at the aviary with moms and dads. The Desert Museum, and especially the hummingbird aviary, makes a wonderful Sunday afternoon visit for Tucson area families.

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