Friday, November 21, 2014

Postcards: Turkeys & A Pumpkin

I had a good time playing with paint, rubber stamps, and some postcards cut from watercolor paper this week. The perspective is a little wonky in some of these and the trees might feel misaligned.

Nevertheless, they are art and they are fun.

You know the rules from last week. For the first five people who private message me via Facebook (name and your mailing address, please), I will traipse out to the mailbox tomorrow and have one of these cards on the way to you. Again, U.S. peeps, only.

And here is one of the cards in a closer view. If you want a copy, right click on the image and save it to your 'puter. Notice that I did not put my copyright on this art. That is because I used stamp images that belong to someone else and for which I had to pay some dollars. Just a detail, but I do observe those protocols.

Happy Friday, from Under the Willow that shades us all.

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