Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Ribbons

Using fine gauge wire and a needle nose pliers I made ribbon bows for the split rail fence at the lake house today. I have always used wide velvet ribbon but changed the look to a red sparkle organdy this year. I could buy ready made bows, but somehow the twisting and gathering and wiring fits into my holiday checklist.

There are eight posts along the split rail fence. The fence fronts the row of cedars that flank the drive in front of the house, so the red bows become a welcoming committee for the winter. Red and shiny, they stand out against the deep green cedars and the pale gray timbers of the fence.

I have to use heavy wire to tie the bows to each post since the winds will whip the ribbons into a frenzy with the first snowstorm that comes along. Even so, now that the ribbons are out, it feels more like Christmas is coming.

This year, with losing my Dad and with Ed's mom being gone now, the holiday already seems sparse, so it felt good to put out red ribbons today.

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