Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fostoria Punch Bowl

Browsing at the Bay City Antiques Market, I came up short when I suddenly spotted this very large punch bowl. I immediately recognized it as the Americana pattern by Fostoria.

Our Mom had an extensive collection of Americana. We used the stemmed sherbet glasses for everyday jello and puddings. Birthday cakes were always served on Fostoria dessert plates. There were water glasses and a heavy pitcher and pickle dishes. Heavy and knobby, it was easy stuff to hang on to. I just assumed that other families used glassware like it for their meals. 

Part of my adult learning was about my mother's love of beautiful tableware. When registering for wedding gifts, I found out how expensive china and pottery and silver were. Mom's tableware was an extension of my Dad's ministry.

Dad, you see, would receive an honorarium for performing a marriage ceremony or a funeral. Those honoraria went to my mother and were used for lovely things like the Fostoria glassware and the Red Wing pottery that we used every day. 

So the large punch bowl at the Antiques Market brought me up short today. I touched the heavy glass and knew my mother would have loved having that big, big bowl for her Christmas holiday gatherings. And the punch would be red. It would be non-alcoholic and fruity and wonderful. 

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