Saturday, December 14, 2013

Honoring and Remembering

Being part of a large family means that you get to meet lots of special people from the families that your siblings marry into. Not only are there lots of aunts and uncles and cousins, but there are also the wonderful in-laws, specifically in our family, the mothers-in-law.

This weekend we will be honoring and remembering Patsy Schamber, my brother's mother-in-law, as many of us travel to the East Coast to be with my sister-in-law and my brother as they bid farewell to Patsy who died last Friday.

It will be a time of honoring and remembering a woman who raised four children, worked as a nurse, traveled all across the globe, and loved her family to the very end.

This photo, from the summer of 2008, catches my dad, Stan Hayes, and Patsy in one of those photos that takes your breath away. They both looked into the camera with smiles that now shine into our memories.

It has been quite a year of losing our elders in our family. This weekend we will honor and remember Patsy, and be remembering Stan who died in May and Pauline whom we lost in September. They all are missed deeply.

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