Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pigeon Museum in Winter

Railroad tracks covered with new snow pass by the historic Pigeon Depot, part of the four building Museum Complex in downtown Pigeon, Michigan. A new research facility was added to the complex this past summer and now joins the Depot, Farmers' Market, and Vintage Shed as a part of Pigeon's ongoing nod to its rich heritage as a Midwestern farming community. 

Many small and medium size towns and cities across the Midwest are enlarging their historic collection possibilities. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin has the Galloway House and Village. Harbor Beach, Michigan hosts the Frank Murphy Historic  Home. The local library in Lomira, Wisconsin has set aside one room for the Town of Byron's historic society. 

These are but a few of the many efforts made to keep history alive and thriving close to home. While state and university museums hold treasures of the past, local, on-the-spot history collections have the capability of telling stories and holding artifacts in a way that the larger facilities, limited in space and needing to cover greater geography, cannot do. 

Pigeon's history volunteers bring zest and commitment to their task, work that is not obvious in this very tranquil winter view of the historic railroad depot. 

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