Friday, July 5, 2013

Working On The Rosewalk

Ed and I worked all morning at the Pigeon Historical Museum, cleaning up the roses along the rosewalk that leads from Main Street to the Depot Museum. The old roses along the split rail fence have just about finished blooming for the summer and needed to be trimmed back.

We usually spend an hour or so, once a month, keeping this border clean and tidy. The daylilies are beginning their summer bloom and the weeds were getting pretty aggressive.

So we thinned out the roses, pulled dead leaves off of the daylilies, and trimmed back the dying daffodil foliage. There is less color in the after photo, but, believe me, the border needed some attention. It would be nice to have some annuals inserted into the border for color, but that will have to wait until an irrigation system can be installed.

A big thank you goes out to Al Collison and his DPW crew from the Village of Pigeon. They were trimming shrubs at the same time and hauled away all the trimmings. Thanks, Al!

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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