Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Out West Quilt

Gloria Swartzendruber came strolling into the Graywood Designs office in Pigeon early this month with an incredible quilt that will be auctioned at the Northern Michigan Mennonite Relief sale in a few weeks. Gloria and her husband John found the quilt in a Texas shop last winter. They purchased it and are donating it to the auction which raises money for Mennonite relief work all across the globe.

This quilt is on display this weekend at the Pigeon District Library's annual Quilt show which starts tomorrow, Thursday, July 18 in the community rooms of the Library. Quilts will be on display throughout Summerfest Weekend.

The quilt's title is "Out West I" and its designer and maker is Peggy Hanson of Ingram, Texas. The quilt is 59" x 75" so it would be an excellent choice for a wall quilt or it could be displayed on a bed.

Gloria likes to applique and took great delight in pointing out all the choices of fabrics and texture that Peggy made as she created each block. There are suede fabrics, curly fabrics, burlap with frayed edges, batiks with painterly swirls, embroidered accents, and lots of other special touches in this mastery of needlework.

The Texas longhorn cow is coming right out of the quilt. Frayed burlap, looking like dust, adds to the illusion. His eyes are on the viewer. His legs are in motion.

The long horn block is an artful combination of motion and color. You can almost hear the creature snorting as you look into his eyes.

Peggy's scorpion has wonderfully threatening claws and a spiny tail that would scare even the bravest insect lover.

Other blocks portray saguaro and ocotillo cactuses, a native dancer, an armadillo, roadrunner, cowboys, horses, a windmill, and lots more.

The entire quilt is a wonderful example of needlework design and execution at its finest.

The Quilt Auction takes place on Saturday, August 3 at the Oscoda County Fairgrounds near Fairview, Michigan. All proceeds benefit the fine relief work that the Mennonites do so well. If you are interested in bidding on this quilt, let me know. I'm sure that I can arrange a proxy bidder for you at the auction.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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