Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sheep Show 2013

Yesterday's Sheep Show at the Huron Community Fair gave me yet another chance to present the Grand Champion Pen of Lambs trophy on behalf of my design company, Graywood Designs. Here I am, on the right, holding Vivian Wheeler, my rent-a-baby, for the photo op.

I like to have little kids in the photos and due to unforeseen circumstances, none of my grandchildren were available this year. J.D.Wheeler, an alumnus of many sheep shows, and his wife Samantha graciously said yes to my request to have Baby Vivian be a part of the trophy presentation.

The champion lambs belong to Tyler Devroye and they are beauties. The Devroye brothers, Tyler and Justin, and their families, the Devroyes and the Renns, can be counted on to bring quality sheep to the Fair each year. Vivian's Huron County family, the Wheelers, are also tops in raising sheep. So this photo is kind of a sheep dynasty photo.

Be that as it may, the photo also has this wonderful color coordinated fashion look. The Devroyes are decked out in blue. Vivian has on a navy print top with classy baby jeans, and I'm wearing navy and white polkadots with turned-up-cuff blue jeans. What a photo -- fashion, sheep dynasties, and young people who are the future of just about everything.

It all makes me realize how honored I am to be a supporter of the 4-H Sheep Show and to be a tiny part of these kids' lives.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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