Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exuberant Sourdough

The sourdough starter, brought out of the refrigerator and left on the kitchen counter, got a little too exuberant during my last baking session. Here's the first time that it burst forth from its apothecary jar home. The second time was a royal mess, so I poured what was left of the starter into a much larger container.

The little loaves made from the starter proved to be quite tasty. Ed doesn't like the tang of sourdough, so next time I will sweeten the dough even more. I'm hoping to come up with bread that will work for toast and sandwiches. This one has both whole wheat and white flour, no eggs, and a lot of the exuberant starter.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler


  1. Must be the day for it. I was drawing chicks on the front of the new office for Wing Fling today and the red window marker exploded all over the stone facing. =/ I think I would have rather dealt with your crazy expanding dough container. lol

  2. This is the "clean" photo. Later in the day the thing (it is alive, right?) climbed out of all sides of the container! I have it confined to a larger glass bowl right now. Am thinking about feeding it some more. . .or is that not a good idea? Hmm.

  3. Hi Wanda - Joanne out in Seattle -- Thanks for the laugh today! (And, I feel better knowing stuff like this happens even to an accomplished cook like you!) Too much care and feeding for me, sourdough starter. I have a couple go-to mostly whole wheat recipes (after trying many that turned out like bricks) and rotate those regularly. (Emma commented "Mom! I didn't know you could make bread like THIS!" and a friend said it was good, i.e., "you don't feel like you're being punished when you're eating it!") I stick with those and avoid the starter (but love that tangy taste, personally). Thanks so much for the laugh and sharing it with us -- Happy Baking!

    Joanne (and hi from Steve, and Emma - who's at Mountaineers Camp this week and last - climbing, river rafting, etc.)

  4. Hi Joanne -- Today I put the starter back into the apothecary jar and then into the frig. Now we'll see what happens next. This all got started because I'm reading Michael Pollan's latest book, "Cooked." Check it out. He combines science, food lore, recipes, experience -- typical Michael.

    Hello to Steve and Emma The Mountain Woman. Hope all is good in Seattle Land. WJ