Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mom and The Zip Lock Bag

In January 1989 my mother, Vallanee, came to stay with our kids at the farm south of Pigeon while Ed and his mother, Pauline, and I traveled to Hawaii and Singapore. My mom got to cleaning and organizing while she was with the kids.

For months after the trip, I found zip lock bags with various piles of mail and other paperwork in them. Each one would have a post-it note attached, listing "found on piano, Jan 20, 1989" so that I would be able to connect the pile to its purpose.

Well, I have become my mother. I use zip lock bags a lot. This week I stuffed the holiday cards and other assorted ephemera from December into none other than, yes, you guessed it, a zip lock bag.

Everytime I do this I think of my mother and how she loved to make things right. Her  Saturday morning house cleaning used to drive me to distraction. I can remember my adolescent moments of crying because I had vacuum cleaner duty. You can see me, a thirteen year old with raging hormones, sobbing as I pushed a nasty floor sucking machine through yet another room in our parsonage home.

The zip-lock-bag-as-organizer thing is much more my style. I still hate to vacuum.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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