Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Learning How To Spin

Finn got acquainted with the spinning wheel this week. First he learned how to run the treadle by pushing down and then letting his foot ride the treadle up. He started the wheel, pulling on a spoke with his finger and making the wheel turn clockwise.

Then, using a bent paper clip, we threaded the end of a skein of yarn through the orifice, over the hooks and on to the bobbin. The next step was to hold the yarn, start the wheel, and treadle. We set the brake with a touch of drag and the flyer turned, pulling the yarn onto the now revolving bobbin.

We had to stop and start a few times, but Finn and his brother Max, both got a good sense of the wheel's action in a short time. Next time we'll have some unspun roving and use this lesson to learn how to spin fiber. This first experience gave the boys a good idea of how a wheel works.

Spinning wheels are so old fashioned. It is good to see the boys go between their devices with the little glass screens and the spinning wheel with its wooden parts and human powered mechanics.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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