Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Off Day

Today will be an off day. Yesterday was a big travel day. Within ten hours I made the transition from Arizona to Michigan. Two car rides, one in windy conditions and one in rain, and a flight that was occasionally rough gave me leave to get off the beaten path today.

Some might call it a day off. For me it will be an off day when I will find the time to do some things that have been waiting for me.

I haven't read recently in the biography of Winston Churchill that I started around Christmas. I have read over half of the book and had to put it down several weeks ago. I'll find an hour to read today.

I have been wanting to explore the Photoshop app for Kindle Fire. That's already done and the photo that you see above is the first photo that's come through the app version of my favorite darkroom program.

Sister Penny gave me a new cookbook that I have been wanting to use for a recipe or two. There will be some cooking time today, maybe a pot of soup or buttermilk bread.

Then there is always knitting and art journaling and walking.

My off day is filling up. Onward and upward, to off day!

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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