Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pigeon's Museum District

Left to right: Cooperative Elevatory, new research center, John E. Eichler Farmers' Market, Storehouse, Depot Museum

A group of enterprising and visionary historians are working to create a year round museum facility in the small town of Pigeon, Michigan. This fall, a fourth building is being added to the three buildings in the museum complex located in downtown Pigeon.

This fourth building, the Visitor and Research Center, joins the original Depot Museum, the John E. Eichler Farmers' Market, and the storehouse building. The research center building, at left in photo above, was moved into place yesterday and will be settled onto the foundation north of the Market this fall.

The Depot Museum is open throughout the summer and features annual displays about the area. On summer Fridays and Saturdays, vendors sell bakery and produce at the Market. The Market is also used for community gatherings and can accommodate groups as large as 60 for barbecues, picnics, showers and other events.

A permanent, year round facility, the Visitor and Research Center will house the Pigeon Historical Society's growing collection of documents and ephemera that tell the story of the Pigeon area. The new building will be the first climate controlled space in the complex, since none of the three existing facilities can be used through the winter months.

These small local history places are fast becoming integral repositories of the pieces of history that make up the story of a community. In years to come, Pigeon's center will serve a role in documenting not only the history of the Pigeon, but of the eastern side of the state of Michigan.

Depot Museum Rosewalk

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