Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snotty Little Sisters

I like to bring some humor into my mother-in-law's life, so last week I told her that our snotty little sisters were both coming to visit on the same day. "Pauline, we should get a photo of you and me and our snotty little sisters," I said. She smiled and began reminiscing about her little sis, Beverly.

So when the big reunion day came for Pauline's family, she graciously agreed to a "snotty little sister" photo. Here we are (left to right): Beverly from Arizona, Pauline, Wanda (from Michigan), and Martha from Tennessee.

Martha and I were thrilled with the big smile and "Hello, Martha" that Pauline gave her when they had a chance to chat. The two women haven't seen each other in at least ten years, so Martha's face had to be a blast from the past for Pauline who recognized her right away.

Just for interest sake, Pauline and Beverly are twelve years apart in age; Martha is sixteen years my junior.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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