Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kinde Elevator

The giant storage bins at the Kinde elevator loom tall in this July evening photo. We drove to Kinde to have supper at the Pasta House last Sunday. Grain harvest is almost over in the Thumb and it has been a much earlier harvest than anyone can remember for quite some time.

We saw combines in the fields (yes, on a Sunday night, in church-going Huron County) and followed loads of wheat on the way in to Kinde. The Pasta House is located in the old bank building in downtown Kinde, right across from the elevator complex.

Ed and I often talk about our friend, Dick Andrus, a pastor and volunteer firefighter. Dick was serving at the Bay Port-Hayes United Methodist Charge on the west side of Huron County when the Kinde elevator caught fire on September 5, 1978. It was a big fire. The town was evacuated and fire units from across the county responded.

Dick got to the Fairhaven fire hall in time to grab on the back of a truck, not knowing where the fire was or how long the ride might be. He hung on all the way to Kinde, a trip that's half way across the county, a twenty mile plus ride. He often talked about that ride through the countryside, on the way to the Kinde elevator fire.

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