Saturday, July 7, 2012

Found the Bus

I found the bus! Here's the Sesame Street bus that I've been looking for since Christmas. I found it at a Meijer's here in Michigan yesterday. It was marked for clearance at 25% off, so I'm really excited to find it now. We already have the buildings that form the basis of the playset and all of the characters.

There is a garbage truck and a fire truck that I have not found yet. I know I could probably get on Amazon and order away, but it is fun to look through the toy sections of various stores as we travel this summer and try to find the remaining pieces to the playset.

The bus is driven by The Count. When you press on the hood of the bus, Count turns his head and the door opens. The Elmo that's included with the bus has a back pack so he is called Back-to-School Elmo. We already have two Elmos -- plain Elmo and Elmo with Dorothy (she's the goldfish that Elmo talks to on Sesame Street).

Miss Hannah likes to play with Sesame Street when she comes to the lakehouse and I'm sure that Miss Vallanee will enjoy the figures and vehicles and playset someday soon. Mr. Max and Mr. Finn are kind of beyond Sesame Street.

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