Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sheep Show 2012

Yesterday's Sheep Show at the Huron Community Fair yielded this Grand Champion Pen of Lambs raised by Justin Devroye of Elkton. Granddaughter Vallanee Rose (in Ed's arms) helped with the photo op. Miss Hannah turned reluctant at the last moment and ducked out of the picture. That's me on the left, Justin and his helper, Ed and Vallanee, along with two fine looking lambs.

Justin had a good day. Not only did he win Grand Champion Pen, but he also took the Champion Showman award home.

Here's Hannah with the very big trophy that we presented. My publications company, Graywood Designs, has been presenting this trophy for close to twenty years.

Lots of things at the fair are big. Big cows. Big sheep. Big horses. Big rides. Big tractors.

Even the carousel was big -- and fast. It's no wonder that a little girl would be uncertain about stepping into a big showring with a woodchip floor to present a big trophy to to big lambs.

Even the heat was big. It was 97 degrees when we arrived at the fairgrounds. Only a strong breeze kept the day on the edge of tolerable. For a little girl, it was a big day.

Last year's sheep show: Champions

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